About Us

The popularity of mobile devices creates a unique opportunity for collaboration at conferences and in the classroom.  However, the wide variety of device platforms causes fragmentation issues that make such collaboration difficult or impossible. Existing systems are limited to specific platforms, isolating users from one another or contain very few features useful to conference attendees. Powered by Unisys ePortal technology, UniConf provides a unified interface for scheduling, collaboration and sharing across all devices. UniConf allows students or attendees to actively participate.

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UniConf is designed to provide a method of modernizing conference rooms, lecture halls, and similar venues with the latest Tablet and Smartphone technologies in order to perform live scheduling, communication, and client defined tasks via a “conference manager”.  UniConf is modularly designed to allow clients to redefine and add interactive functionality based on individual or corporate needs.  This upgrade in technology allows conference rooms to be equipped with external and internal tablet.


Mike Kain – Unisys Corporation

Team members

Jedi Weller
Ross Bower
Phil Trinh
Sajal Desai
Meizhi Li


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